Welcome to the homepage of the Council on Human Reproductive Technology.

The Council on Human Reproductive Technology is a statutory body established under section 4 of the Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance (Cap. 561) ("The Ordinance") in April 2001 to regulate the provision of reproductive technology (RT) procedures; the conducting of embryo research; the handling, storing or disposing of gametes or embryos used or intended to be used in connection with a RT procedure or embryo research and surrogacy arrangement.

Our major roles are to issue licences on RT procedures and relevant activities; to keep under review information about embryos and any subsequent development of embryos, relevant activities and surrogacy arrangements; to publish lists of licensed premises as well as statistics and summaries concerning relevant activities which have been carried on; and to provide general information on RT activities to whom licences apply and the general public.

The Council may issue four classes of licences, namely the artificial insemination by husband (AIH) licence, treatment licence, research licence and storage licence. We also issue a Code of Practice to provide guidance for good practice and compliance by RT service providers and embryo researchers. The Licensing Manual for Reproductive Technology Centres is also published by the Council to provide guidance to persons who intend to apply for a licence or for renewal of a licence to carry out relevant activities under the Ordinance.

I hope this homepage will help web surfers obtain a better understanding of the work of the Council and find the information provided therein both helpful and interesting.

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Gregory LEUNG Wing-lup, SBS

Chairperson, Council on Human Reproductive Technology