Council on Human Reproductive Technology

The Council comprises 22 non-official members (including the Chairperson) and 4 public officers appointed by the Secretary for Food and Health, under the delegated authority of the Chief Executive.

The membership of the Council is as below:

Chairperson Dr Matthew NG, JP
Deputy Chairperson Ms KAM Yim-mui
Members Prof LEUNG Tak-yeung
Dr LEUNG Tse-ngong
Dr TANG Chang-hung, Lawrence
Dr TANG Kwok-keung
Prof MA Lai-chong, JP
Mr WONG Tim-wai
Ms YU Hoi-man, Adelaide
Prof LO Ping-cheung
Rev Dr NG Wai-man, Andrew
Prof LEE Mei-chun
Prof FUNG Yuk-kuen, Sylvia, BBS
Prof KWAN Yui-huen, Alex
Mr CHAN How-chi, MH
Prof CHAN Wing-tai, JP
Ms HO Suet-chun
Mr LEUNG Kwok-keung, Stephen
Dr NG Chui-yiu, Jennifer, JP
Prof WONG Man-sau
Ir WONG Wai-yee, Priscilla
Mr WU Wai-ki, Paul
Ms AU Wan-sze, Wendy (Representative of Food and Health Bureau)
Dr CHAN Siu-mui, Tina (Representative of Department of Health)
Ms CHOR Kin-lan, Anna, JP (Representative of Home Affairs Department)
Ms Siu Kin-heung, Mabel (Representative of Social Welfare Department)

Three committees are established under the Council, namely Ethics Committee , Inspection Committee and Investigation Committee.