Council on Human Reproductive Technology

The Council comprises 22 non-official members (including the Chairperson) and 4 public officers appointed by the Secretary for Food and Health, under the delegated authority of the Chief Executive.

The membership of the Council is as below:

Chairperson Mr. LEUNG Wing-lup, Gregory, SBS


Deputy Chairperson Ms. YIP Sau-wah, Lisa, JP
Members Dr. TANG Kwok-keung
Dr. LEUNG Tse-ngong
Dr. TANG Chang-hung, Lawrence
Prof. LEUNG Tak-yeung
Prof. MA Lai-chong, JP
Ms. Adelaide YU Hoi-man
Mr. WONG Tim-wai
Rev. Dr. NG Wai-man, Andrew
Prof. LO Ping-cheung
Prof. LEE Mei-chun
Prof. TIWARI Fung-yee, Agnes
Prof. KWAN Yui-huen, Alex
Dr. WONG Man-sau
Mr. HU Shao-ming, Herman, BBS, JP
Ms. KAM Yim-mui
Mr. LEUNG Kwok-keung, Stephen
Dr. AU Wai-ting
Prof. CHAN Wing-tai, Jimson, JP
Ms. NG Chui-yiu, Jennifer
Mr. WU Wai-ki, Paul
Miss AU Wan-sze, Wendy (Representative of Food and Health Bureau)
Dr. CHOI Mei-yee, Sarah, JP (Representative of Department of Health)
Ms. Leona LAW, JP (Representative of Home Affairs Department)
Mr. Alex WONG (Representative of Social Welfare Department)

Three committees are established under the Council, namely Ethics Committee , Inspection Committee and Investigation Committee.