The Council on Human Reproductive Technology ("The Council") was established under section 4 of the Human Reproductive Technology Ordinance (Cap. 561) ("The Ordinance") in April 2001 to regulate the provision of reproductive technology procedures, the conducting of embryo research, the handling, storing or disposing of gametes or embryos used or intended to be used in connection with a reproductive technology procedure or embryo research, and surrogacy arrangement.

The Ordinance* has come into full operation on 1 August 2007. The Human Reproductive Technology (Licensing) Regulation provides for the requirements relating to the implementation of the licensing system laid down by the Ordinance for regulating human reproductive technology procedures, embryo research and related activities. The Human Reproductive Technology (Fees) Regulation prescribes the fees payable to the Council in respect of applications relating to, and other services connected with, licences granted under the Ordinance. The above regulations have also come into operation on 1 August 2007.

* except section 33(4)(a)